Content Writing

Publishable Content for your Websites, Blogs, and Social Media Pages

At TFE, our talented and gifted Content writers can create articles for your marketing tools, quickly and efficiently.  You are busy managing your business, but you need to publish new articles and posts on your social media platforms regularly. You know how critical it is to re-engage your customers and publish to find new ones, thus both securing and growing your business.

The process is remarkably easy. Simply tell us in a few words, either by email or voice recording or any way you wish to communicate, what you want the article to say and/or what you want it cover. What are its goals? Send us source materials to review and/or incorporate into your article.

A 500-word article is guaranteed to get likes, boost your visibility and attract new clients. Articles are usually produced within 12-24 hours and are available at the lost cost of $150 USD (+VAT if applicable).

Content for your Website

Need something more permanent for your website that has specifically written SEO content built into the wording of the articles? We do that too! No project is too big or too small. Cost for these articles begin at $50 (+VAT if applicable)

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Notice all credit is given to the author, rather than TFE, who merely acts as the ghostwriter/editor.