What is Transcription?

The art of taking audio/video recordings and converting them to the written word.

So what is transcription exactly?  Transcription is the art of listening to speech and converting it into a written document. At TFE we employ the industry-standard ExpressScribe player to play audio/video files and convert them into MS Word or WordPerfect document.  We understand the nuances of how to handle inaudible audio and do the diligence required in researching proper names and nouns.

A permanent written record of audio files provides an invaluable resource.  It allows meetings and events to be searched for key terms.  Reading through a document is much quicker than listening through the entire audio.  Poor-quality audios can be quite cumbersome and challenging to listen through, but reading a well-written document is a breeze.  Transcripts never depreciate in value, get worn down, or are at risk of being lost. The digitally-written word lasts forever.

Transcripts are required by many professionals, including doctors, those in the legal field, radio programs, or speech/lecturers.  This is because of their need/want to have a certified written copy of the spoken events available for reference. Podcasters now choose to publish transcripts of their content on line because the written word can be found by search engines and can also be easily quoted on blogs and websites. Closed captioning and subtitling are other forms of transcribing that most are familiar with.  It saves time and hassle to have important meetings transcribed, allowing executives to review notes so as to ensure they have not missed any crucial points.

Recording thoughts and ideas has never been easier. Essays, memoirs, personal thoughts, novels, and e-books are easily written without having to worry about typing, editing, and typesetting thanks to digital recorders.

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Proper Equipment

Like other professionals, transcriptionists need to be using proper equipment. This includes:

Types of Transcripts

Professional Editors and Typists

Editors and typists must undergo training in their field. Medical transcribers need to have a strong background in and working knowledge of medical terminology before they can become certified. Legal transcribers must be able to understand court proceedings and complex legal guidelines. All transcribers must have professional training, a strong command of the English language, and be familiar with all of the software and other technology available for creating the most accurate transcripts.  TFE’s transcribers undergo an extensive 16-hour in-class training accompanied with 32 hours of at-home assignments before ever beginning to work for TFE.

Who Needs Transcription?

Transcription is used by professionals in a variety of fields. These are just a few examples. Television and radio networks need written transcripts of their texts. Business leaders use them for market research, focus groups, and copy-writing. Academics refer to transcripts of interviews and conferences for preparing dissertations and articles. Authors are aided by transcribing their oral research when writing books. Religious leaders often want a written copy of their sermons for reference. Medical and legal professionals know the value of an accurate, well-prepared transcript.

Why Choose Transcription for Everyone?

We listen to your audio recordings with our carefully trained and experienced ears.  We consider it an art to transcribe as we know it is more than just typing.  We do everything according to industry-standard specifications, and can accommodate any specific requests you have. Our team is made up of professionals with training and expertise. We strictly use only university educated editors and typists who provide unmatched excellence. We beat our competition with a proven 99.997% accuracy rating. We pride ourselves on using the most advanced technologies to increase productivity and provide high quality at a cost of 40% less than what you are used to paying. We offer a number of pricing plans to you, allowing you to know ahead of time that your deadlines will be met and that costs are within your budget. You deserve the best and most accurate transcription services at unbeatable rates.

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