We've worked with several transcription companies, and TFE is by far the best one we've worked with. They are always professional, with very prompt turnaround time, and at a very reasonable cost. The quality of the returned transcripts is always great, and they clearly mark when there are issues with transcripts, so we can go in and fix them with no problems. Couldn't recommend them enough!

Rivky Stern, Executive Producer, Aleph Beta Academy

I just love Avi’s ‘can do’ attitude – and his ‘can do’ abilities!

Frank Mayers – Advocate and Notary

Transcription for Everyone is everything that anyone could want in a professional service.  The company provides a high-quality product in a timely fashion at an excellent price.  You can certainly pay more, but you won’t get a better result.  And you can surely pay less, but you won’t get a virtually flawless transcription.  My interviews were often in places with considerable ambient noise and the interviewees used idiosyncratic, technical and obscure terms, so I figured that I’d be doing a fair amount of correcting and editing.  I was wrong; TFE transcribers and editors provided a nearly perfect text.  And when I was figuring out the logistics of sending audio files and payments, Avi Taub was helpful, responsive, and patient.   While one might hesitate to contract with an overseas, internet-based company, TFE has proven that such worries are unfounded.  This is a first-rate company that is model for how to conduct business, cultivate clients, and deliver products.

Prof. Jeff Lockwood – Professor of Natural Sciences and Humanities/Writer
I found your website while looking for a transcription of an audio file.  I was glad I found this website because of the complimentary first transcription free!  It was very well transcribed and I am very satisfied with the diligent work on this 10 or so minute audio file.  My audio file was an interview specifically, and it was transcribed as a one-on-one, with interviewer and interviewee setup.  I will definitely recommend this service.
Thanks again!
Shawn Don – Lamar University Engineering
Shawn Don – Lamar University, Engineering

We have been very satisfied with the wonderful service from Transcription For Everyone. Mrs. Leah Kahalani provided us with fine transcriptions for hundreds of our lectures at a very reasonable price. As promised, the voluminous material was returned to us quite expeditiously.  Best of all, the TFE personnel were very accommodating regarding our specific requirements. Working with TFE has been a great experience and we would definitely use their services again.

Rabbi Aaron Dayan, Director – AishAudio.com

We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Transcription for Everyone. We have found their service to be dependable, friendly and reasonably priced. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company.

Alex Yoffe, Senior Project Manager – Trans Titles

Trans Titles client testimonial

I’d like to express my sincere appreciation and satisfaction with the transcripts being generated by Transcription For Everyone  Although I was a little tentative about utilizing an overseas transcription service at first, I’ve been quite astounded at how unproblematic the process has been.  Transcripts deadlines are always met on time (usually received earlier than anticipated), and the finished product is flawless.  Working together has been effortless.   I look forward to continuing our business relations and see much growth for both our companies!!

Rosalie Accardi, President – LEX Reporting Services Corp.


At our transcription company, we experience periods of heavy workloads and need to send some of our work to other contractors.  Each time we have used Transcription for Everyone, the job has come back on time and to ours and the customers satisfaction.  We are very fortunate to have their services available to us.

Outsource Transcription Company – Galilee, Northern Israel

I use Transcription for Everyone for all my transcription needs. Their work is always on time and simply flawless. I’ve tried the rest, finally I found the best! Thank you TFE!

Joseph Edberg – Post-Doctorate Student, Hebrew University

It’s been several months now since I started using TFE’s services and I have every reason to be very pleased with the results. The typed transcripts are accurate and clear. The turnaround time is flexible and they can provide service in a hurry when needed. All my dealings and contacts with TFE online have been extremely convenient and accessible, all queries are answered almost immediately, and they have been provided technical support whenever needed. I get the impression that their expert service really comes with a virtual smile. The most pleasant surprise of all is that the prices really are competitive. They really did beat the prices I was paying before I started using TFE’s services. For professional, efficient , economical and pleasant transcribing service, TFE is the answer.

Tova Sacher – Hebrew University, Jerusalem