Shiur Transcription

Your shiurim are in the right hands. Our team of Torah experts will transliterate your spoken Hebrew properly.

Transcription for Everyone provides you with a transcription service that you won’t find anywhere else. Our company is unique. Our team includes a wide spectrum of Jews, from yeshiva students to university graduates with degrees in Jewish studies — many of whom studied for years in a yeshiva atmosphere. We understand the language, culture and nuances of shiur transcription in a way that only someone who has listened to countless shiurim themselves can. We are familiar with Hebrew transliterations, and with references to all texts from Chumash to Gemara to modern-day commentators. We honestly care about our Torah transcription.

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We can provide you with countless examples of shiur transcripts because we have extensive experience preparing them. Spoken Hebrew and Yiddish phrases and expressions are very familiar to us. We can locate verbal references to biblical texts, Talmudic texts, or other commentators with utmost professionalism. We work hard to assure that each word is being transcribed correctly. Our services are offered in Hebrew, English, and yeshivish languages.

Our shiur transcription service is the most convenient and easy-to-use. We offer unbeatable rates on all Torah transcripts including:

Our large staff means that we can transcribe entire conferences or a semester’s worth of shiurim quickly. Our standard clean-read style means your shiurim come back fully edited — ready for publishing. You will be impressed by our precision and speed. Our current clients are awed with our vast knowledge of religious texts. They rave about our accuracy and ability to follow their guidelines. However, the main reasons to choose us for your shiur transcription are because we really enjoy the opportunity to do this specialized work, and you are directly supporting the dream of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel.

Our experts

Our team is made up of religious and non-religious Jews living in Israel. We are familiar with the nuances of the Hebrew language because we speak it every day. Many of our staff grew up in households where Torah learning was and still is an integral part of their life. We understand just what your teachers or rabbis are saying and will transcribe and transliterate it correctly. We know the meanings and context of biblical texts like no one else, and ensure a truly precise transcript. We have the knowledge to accurately transcribe complex biblical recordings, and we better understand you.

Our Unique Three-Step Process for Perfection

All of your audios undergo a three-step process before we send the final transcript to you.  First, our transcriber carefully prepares the transcript, which includes their own final reviews. Then, our expert editor does a full audio edit of the entire transcript — that means they’re listening again to the audio while reading the transcript — checking for accuracy and sense. Finally, our Transcription Formatting Expert (TFE) does the final quality assurance so that you will always be satisfied with the final product — spacing, formatting, et cetera.

We make ourselves available to you by phone or Internet around the clock. We get things right the first time by always sending a sample of our work for your approval. We assure that there are never surprises or second guessing.

Our Jewish philosophy

As a Jewish company, we do things the Jewish way. We donate free Torah transcription to qualified organizations as part of our tzedaka program. We strictly give ma’aser of the company’s profits to tzedaka. We respect the holiness of Shabbat. Our main offices are located in the heart of Jerusalem just outside the Old City Walls and are always closed on Saturdays. Virtually 99% of our team works out of their home offices in Israel. Thus, not only are we able to provide an unbeatable transcription service, we enable strong support for the Jewish State, both politically and financially.

Modern Technology and Ancient Texts

At Transcription for Everyone, we use only the most up-to-date transcription software and equipment. We have a secure server so that your valuable shiurim and transcripts are sent safely and securely over the Internet, strictly to our typists working on your files who have signed confidentiality agreements. We can capture any video or audio stream online at no extra fee to you. We better serve you with:

All of this allows us to provide you the highest quality transcripts possible at a cost of 40% less than what you are used to paying. Other transcription companies cannot match our quality of service, price, or turnaround times. Your needs are always addressed and your high standards are met. We take great pleasure in our success with your audio files.

Included Services:

Most importantly, we guarantee excellence. We stand behind our service and certify all of our transcripts with a quality money-back guarantee.

Our Jewish staff understands the meaning of integrity. We do meticulous work for all of our clients. Send us your shiur transcription today!