Time Stamping and Time Coding

With our innovative time stamping software, we can charge less than our competitors for this premium service.

Transcription for Everyone’s time stamping software has been developed to our specifications to better serve our clients. We are able to provide time stamped transcripts at surprisingly cost effective rates. Our strictly native English-speaking, university-educated typists and editors use only the most up-to-date equipment and produce the highest quality transcripts with a proven 99.997% accuracy rating each and every time. Trust us to accurately time stamp all of your audios and videos.

Send us your audios and videos today.  Add value to your important transcripts by including time stamps.  Count on us for quality work with a professional finish on all of your important files.

What is time stamping?

Time stamping refers to inserting the time in minutes and seconds into a transcript at regular intervals. It provides a marker of where in the audio or video the text is found. It is useful for subtitling videos, SEO optimization, panel discussions, and legal transcripts. Time stamps are placed based on the frequency requested by clients. Some transcripts are stamped every five minutes, while others are stamped every three seconds!

Mr. Smith:  (00:00:00) This is an example of how a time-stamped (00:00:03) document might look once we are finished (00:00:06) with it when you request timestamps (00:00:09).

Ms. Smith:  Wow, that is truly an amazing (00:00:12) feature.

Why choose Transcription for Everyone’s time stamping service?

With our unique software, we can effortlessly place time stamps to your specifications. You can choose the frequency based on your needs. All of this is done at the lowest cost possible to you. Our software is fully automated so there is virtually no extra effort on the part of our typists to provide this valuable service.

Our Capabilities

We are able to transcribe all of the audio and video formats that are available today. Our carefully trained ears and state-of-the-art equipment will provide you with stellar results. The files we accept include:

Our audio and video transcription services include:

Exceptional editing

With Transcription for Everyone, after all of your audios and videos are listened to by the typist, they are listened to again carefully by an experienced specialist to ensure flawless documentation. We appreciate the chance to offer this exceptional service to all of our clients. We strongly believe that this extra attention to editing is the secret of our success.

No matter what your needs, we will accurately transcribe in a clean-read or verbatim style. Unlike other transcription companies, the following are not an issue for us:

Your work is treated with the highest sensitivity and confidentiality. Your important files are sent and received safely and securely online. Our staff is in touch with you from the start to the finish of all of your projects. This ensures that we get your transcripts right the first time.

Send us your audio and video files today.  We certify all of our time stamped transcripts with a quality money-back guarantee. Our superiority and fast turnaround time will make you another one of our satisfied clients!