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We know that our transcribers and editors are our biggest assets and we treat them with the utmost respect.

A career in transcription provides the most wonderful and unique window into a wide variety of fields and subjects. Every day you transcribe, you learn incredible things. At Transcription for Everyone, we provide employment opportunities to qualified transcribers and editors. We have developed a business model which enables you as a transcriber to reach your highest potential with us.

Send us your CV today to apply for an opening on one of our transcription teams.

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We are currently looking for highly motivated transcribers to continue our expansion and to handle overflow work from our regular clients. We provide steady, interesting transcription work to the right candidates. We have specialized teams and will assign you to the one that best suits you. We hire only the most capable staff, have developed a unique system for assuring excellence, and are industry experts.

We are proud to give more people the opportunity to practice transcription at home.   Working from home is a fantastic way to earn a living and improve your lifestyle.

At Transcription for Everyone, we specialize in matching typists with appropriate projects for them in terms of turnaround time and audio difficulty to bring out the best in our typists. We offer work transcribing in both verbatim and clean read styles. We have general and legal transcription work available on a regular basis.

Experienced, highly driven individuals are more than welcome to apply for one of our employment opportunities.  With us, transcription is indeed for everyone.

Applicants must possess the following skills:

Applicants will also need the following equipment:

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If you would like to apply for a job, please contact us today with your CV and cover letter detailing why you would make a strong addition to the Transcription for Everyone team.

We only graduate editors from those who started as transcribers.  Our team leaders and managers also all started as transcribers.  We are a company run solely by transcribers, which is truly our competitive advantage.