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Jump-start your transcription career and enjoy truly flexible work-at-home hours while working with a fabulous group of religious people.  Everyday you will learn incredible  things and as you transcribe fascinating audio files.  Whether it’s Torah shiurim, police interrogations, court cases and more — there is never a dull moment in the transcription world!

Do you enjoy typing?  Looking for something where you can work at home with truly flexible hours and learn something new every day?  Do you enjoy working with a team and work well independently?   Join the revolution today become an independent transcriber!

With tremendous thanks and appreciation to Hashem, we are proud to be offering an online video course of the last time we gave our course in person.

We have a serious need for new typists to join our ranks as we continue to grow and are unable to meet our clients’ demands.

Our courses have met with resounding success and tremendously positive feedback from our students.  Here’s just a small sampling of the feedback we receive from our course:

“Avi Noam is a gifted teacher and knows how to navigate a changing group of women with varied computer expertise and experience. The course structure was well thought out and comprehensive.  I enjoy learning new skills and especially appreciated the tips on online marketing.” 

I highly recommend the Transcription for Everyone Course.  As the company name indicates, transcription really is for everyone.  Each meeting was well organized and provided us with information so that we could begin our careers as transcribers at completion.  I learned that transcription is so much more than just typing!  It incorporates listening skills, intellectual skills, and high-level English and grammar skills as well.  After working for many years in Hebrew, it’s so refreshing to be able to work in English from my home office, without the hassle of travel time to reach the workplace.  The company, Transcription for Everyone, is very supportive of newcomers. The course really gives all the information and practice needed to start your transcription career.  Although the work is from your personal office (home), you know that you are part of a team and company.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to transition to a new career, especially one that allows you to work from home and set your own hours.

I enjoyed the course very much and I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. All the classes were interesting and full of new things to learn. I really had a great time!!! It was a great experience. The course is definitely worth much more than 600 NIS.

“Mr. Taub is an exceptionally entertaining, understanding and patient teacher. I was pleasantly surprised at how accommodating he was of the students who came in with limited knowledge of computer basics and how he took the time to go over those points. I also found the class on effective online searches and the class on hotkeys (both in Word and in ExpressScribe) to be very enlightening. Those are skills that can be used in any profession and even just for personal use, not only for transcribing. There were many, many aspects I found enjoyable and I guess the best way to put it, is by saying that I actually looked forward to those hours I set aside for completing the course!”

Transcription for Everyone is Israel’s Number 1 English transcription company.  We exclusively offer professional independent transcriber training in Israel.  We will provide you the tools necessary to find your own clients, as well as provide you the opportunity to work for TFE — truly the best of both worlds.

We are Israel’s best transcription company, hands down!  We are transcribers, working for the transcribers, training transcribers. Work at your own hours, how many hours you want, and improve your skills on the job to earn more each day.  You won’t find a better transcription company to work for!

 *** Professional Transcribers Course ***

Covering everything you need to know from touch-typing to marketing yourself to new clients — there’s much more than you realize.

Master the industry’s most-used transcription player.

Master Word and the secrets needed to increase your speed and accuracy.

Learn how to effectively use the Internet to research quickly, accurately, and effectively.

Learn how to effectively use the computer and work efficiently — a lifelong skill.

Become an expert with the nuances of grammar and how they relate to cleaning up speech.

Discover just what “verbatim” really means.

Find out just what sets a professional transcriber apart from a regular typist.

Learn to separate yourself from the field and learn to earn $10+ per hour typing from the comfort of your own home at the comfort of your own hours.

Understand the tax system in Israel of working as a freelancer and how to maximize its benefits.

Small classes — real one-on-one feel.  Personalized to your needs.

Special business lecture about online presence and marketing.

There is a lot to know and we understand it takes time to practice in order to become an effective transcriber. 

Course graduates will be offered employment with TFE and will learn how to find their own clients independently.  We will show you the secrets to success in this field.

Cost: $99 (+ VAT if living in Israel).

In-Class Course Participants Will Receive 2 FREE Gifts and a Certificate of Completion.

Want to learn at home on your own time instead?  Download our video course for just $99 (+VAT).

TFE is Israel’s Number 1 transcription provider.  We provide unbeatable value to our clients with our transcripts.  We constantly provide the highest quality work at a fraction of the usual rates.  We are your ideal transcription solution.

One could just view transcription as sitting in one’s own home, wearing a pair of earphones, or one can transport oneself across the world, across cultural and professional boundaries, into varying situations and educational opportunities. Transcription is therefore also a method of stretching one’s common knowledge through the experiences of others.

I would like to say a big thank you to TFE for giving me this transcription opportunity.  I have done transcription previously with other companies and it doesn’t come close to the TFE experience.  The working in an office feel that TFE has and all the resources, tips, teamwork and advice made available to those working at TFE make the work experience so pleasant, flexible and enjoyable.  I never thought I would come to enjoy transcribing, but thanks to TFE I have!!!

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