Transcription Software

At TFE we have developed special transcription software to facilitate the transcription process.  Specially developed for transcribers, our transcription software is sure to provide your clients with higher-quality work while maximizing your efficiency and speed.

TFE’s General Macro – $72

Ever find yourself making the same consistent pesky errors while transcribing which dramatically slows you down as you constantly have to stop and rewind?  The TFE General Macro is for you!

General Errors:

Phonetic Checker:

Speaker Replace All:

Automatic Time Stamper on Enter – $54

Automatic Time Stamper on Space – $54

CourtSmart CPlayer Hotkeys – $90

All our software is PC-compatible only and designed for use with Word 2007.  We do not offer refunds.

Contact us today for more information and a demonstration of our software in action.  It’s a tiny price to pay for the hours of time you will save yourself.