Mission and Ethics

TFE’s Mission Statement

TFE’s mission is to be the premier association for transcribers in Israel that trains native-English speaking immigrants to become professionals in the transcription industry.  We offer our international clients exceptional service at competitive rates and create awareness on a global scale that Israel is the best resource for transcription services.

TFE’s Ethics

At Transcription for Everyone, we pride ourselves on our business ethics and on how we treat our transcribers and clients.

We understand that it takes an experienced transcriber 3-4 hours of their time to transcribe an audio hour, and an editor another two hours to review that transcript while listening to the audio.

Our transcribers and editors earn a wage modestly above the minimum requirement in Israel.  They are independent professionals who provide their own equipment, and they have the right to reject any audio or project they do not wish to work on.

We provide legitimate work-at-home employment which makes our staff feel good about what they are doing.  Composed mainly of at-home mothers, our business allows them to provide vital additional income for their families.

We employ new immigrants to Israel, mostly American, Canadian, and British, who work while their children are at school or while their babies are napping.

Our staff are respected, well treated, and appreciate the opportunity we afford them.

We do not squeeze hundreds of $1/hour staff into factory-like warehouses in slave-labor conditions.

We do not promise our clients rock-bottom rates, and produce worthless transcripts riddled with errors and inaccuracies.

Our clients receive the highest quality transcripts at competitive industry rates, and have the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting ethical transcription practices.

Choose Transcription for Everyone for your transcription services and be an integral part of our invaluable ethical chain of morals and values.