Our Team

Our team is made up of today’s top editors and transcribers in the field with real experience and knowledge. Our staff are English speaking, university educated professionals who understand the importance of correct transcripts. We have little-to-no difficulty with all degrees of accents, technical language, or number of speakers on your audio. We are devoted to our work and accuracy. We are ready for your transcriptions at any moment.

TFE - Our Team | Transcription Services | Transcription For EveryoneAvi Noam Taub – Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Avi Noam holds an HBSc from the University of Toronto where he studied business and statistics.  He’s been touch-typing at 125 WPM since the 10th grade.  Working as an independent transcriber and editor for many years, he later founded TFE as the place for Jewish and Israeli transcribers to join together.  He personally trains every transcriber and promotes every editor.  He lives in Ofra with his wife and three young children.  It is his personal expertise in the field that makes TFE truly unique. Despite his managerial duties, Avi Noam continues to transcribe and edit with the team.  This is what makes him an integral and most valuable resource to the company.

Devorah Reiss - Transcriptionist

Devorah Reiss – Senior Scheduling Manager
Devorah Reiss holds her BA from Bar Ilan University in Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology. Her excellent Hebrew and English transcription skills come from real experiences like deciphering ancient handwritten texts.  Her mastery of the English language is clear when one reviews her work.  She is an excellent team player and leads through being not only a shining example, but as an excellent teacher and trainer so her team improves constantly and consistently.  Her yeshiva background makes her the ideal candidate for Torah audios as well.  Today, she manages 100 individual schedules and ensures we never miss an assignment’s due date.

Ahuvah Headshot

Ahuvah Taub – Chief of Recruitment, Billing and Payroll 
Ahuvah graduated from George Brown College with her Associate’s Degree, after which she made aliyah to live in Israel.  She worked in early childhood education at a private school and is now the proud mother of three children.  She lovingly supports her husband’s efforts to TFE and today works as chief recruitment officer, finding talent worldwide to join TFE’s transcription team.

Rochel BaddielRochel Baddiel – Chief Editor & Transcript Officer, Legal Division
Rochel was born and raised in Gateshead, England and moved to Israel in 2012.  She now lives in Bet Shemesh with her husband and two young children.  Following high school she attended JTTC, Jewish Teachers Training College in Gateshead whilst part-time studying mathematics with The Open University.  She has worked as a PA to the principal in her former high school where she gained her expertise in typing by taking minutes at school meetings.  Shortly after her arrival in Israel, she attended the TFE training course and has been working for the company ever since.  She began as a typist and worked her way up to be an editor on the Legal, General and Torah teams.

Our Transcribers and Editors

Meet a few of our transcribers and editors and you will understand why we have so many satisfied clients.

Reuven FrankReuven Frank – Torah Transcriber and Editor
Reuven has a Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry from Drexel University in Philadelphia.  His love for the precision in chemistry shines through in his transcripts.  He has also worked as a technical writer, a patent writer and a copywriter.  Reuven is a cancer survivor with fibromyalgia and thus working at home in transcription was a perfect fit.  Reuven is a whiz in MSWord, macros and shortcuts.  His hobbies include reading, learning, singing and acting.

M Thomas | TFE - Our Team | Transcription Services | Transcription For EveryoneMelinda Thomas – Legal Transcriber
Melinda Thomas (also known as Mindy) grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now lives in the Sierra foothills. She studied music very seriously as a young person, attending the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and San Francisco State University as a piano performance major. Alas, a career as a performer was not in the cards, but she still indulges her artistic leanings singing in a small a cappella group and participating in theatrical productions in her home town.  After a long career as an administrative professional for educational and arts organizations she joined TFE where she is mastering the process and art of transcription.

K pic blue scarf | TFE - Our Team | Transcription Services | Transcription For EveryoneKorah Erbacher – General Transcriber and Editor
A lifelong Chicagoan, married for 40 years with four grown children and six grandchildren (so far!). Korah previously worked as a computer programmer, dressmaker, and handweaver.  She taught weaving to blind adults for 18 years.  TFE allows her to work at home with her hands, while still giving her the flexibility for her family and other passions.

C Brookshire | TFE - Our Team | Transcription Services | Transcription For EveryoneCathy Brookshire – Legal Transcriber
Cathy has been married for 34 years to Randy. Together they have two sons and three grandchildren. She loves spending time with her family.  They enjoy camping, mud bogging, dune riding and just being together. She and Randy enjoy as much time with their grandkids as they can because some day they won’t want to hang out with them!  her personal hobbies are reading, crochet and crafts, and playing computer games. Transcription is a new journey for her as her 20 year career was in a medical setting. Thank you and Be Groovy!

TFE - Our Team | Transcription Services | Transcription For Everyone | Chris photoChristabelle Lemos – Legal Transcriber
Christabelle has over 14 years of transcription experience, completing over 5,000 audio hours of transcription.  She is highly skilled in a wide range of accents from around the world.  She loves learning new things and is able to quickly grasp the details of the wide range of topics that transcription often encompasses.  She horoughly enjoy the challenge that each task offers and take pleasure in meticulously researching the subject being covered. The deep sense of pride in a job well done is her greatest reward.

At Transcription for Everyone, we treat our transcribers with the utmost respect. We know that they are our biggest asset. We offer them free training and ample opportunities to further their skills and repertoire – from instant messaging in our online group to bi-monthly conference calls with our managers. Because our transcribers care about their work, you receive the highest quality transcripts imaginable. We are proud to present you a sampling of our dedicated team.

Virtually 99% of our typists currently live and work in Israel, have high level university/college degrees, and experience working in the fields of writing and editing. They can be trusted to respect your privacy. They download audio files directly from our secure server, and upload their finished transcripts in the same manner. They use the most up-to-date equipment – ergonomic keyboards to improve speed; and over-the-ear, noise-cancelling headphones to catch every last whisper. Most importantly, they truly enjoy their transcription work and our clients notice the difference.

Join Our Team

A career in transcription provides the most wonderful and unique window into such a wide variety of fields and subjects.  Everyday one transcribes one learns incredible things.  We specialize in matching typists with appropriate projects for them (turnaround, audio difficulty) to bring out the best in our typists.  Inexperienced, but highly motivated, individuals are more than welcome.  At TFE, indeed transcription is for everyone.

Applicants must possess the following skills/qualities:

If you would like to join our team, please contact us today with your CV and cover letter detailing why you would make a strong addition to the Transcription for Everyone team.

This is a company with room for growth.  Transcribers become editors who then become team leaders.  Our sales and marketing division continues to grow, as well as our need for HR and business development.  We invite you to apply today.