Medical Transcription

For all your medical transcription needs: doctoral notes, patient interviews, advisory-board marketing meetings

Transcription for Everyone’s team of highly-educated medical transcriptionists and experienced ears provide you with the best and most professional clinical documentation service.  We are confident when it comes to speaker identification, usage of medical spellings and terminology, and we deliver where it counts —  with highly competitive pricing and work of the highest caliber. We have total commitment to the quality of the transcription we provide and we are highly successful at creating long term client relationships due to our reliability and accuracy.

We provide services for many medical transcription jobs such as rush 24-hour turnarounds six days a week, or other more-flexible options that suit your deadlines and needs.

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Transcription:  Medical Documents, Patient Interviews, Doctor Meetings

You can rest assured knowing that our team of qualified medical experts will easily scan and understand your medical terminology and documentation to assure complete and accurate transcripts. All of our transcriptionists are mother tongue English speakers with years of experience. Whenever we receive a medical transcription job, we select the transcriptionist that has the most knowledge and experience in the related field, thus ensuring the highest quality transcription.

Every audio file is listened to again by an experienced editor, against the transcript, to ensure nothing was missed or inaccurate.  Our experts are here for you.

We have a very large range of typists and editors, enabling us to find the most suitable person for your project needs.  We have our employees situated all over the world and as such are able to handpick the right people for your jobs and to suit your needs.  Whether it be a difficult accent from any part of the world or a specific field of medicine, our most-trusted typists are on the job virtually around the clock.

Our typists always thoroughly research your provided materials to ensure accuracy, but we go one step beyond and always confirm everything via company websites, press releases, or other appropriate means to confirm spellings of new drugs or diseases. Our clients include single doctors, clinics and hospitals.

We can handle every type of audio or video file that you send to us.  There is no need for you to worry about converting your recording format. We take the security of the files you send us very seriously and ensure that all medical records, diagnosis reports, patient notes, doctor consultations etc are kept secure. This is done by only uploading the files through our secure contact form or directly to our head office staff and then we ensure all files are properly deleted after the job has been complete.

Transcription for Everyone’s Medical Expertise:

Our typists have worked for years in the field and are reliable and dependable.  Contact us now.