About Us

Transcription for Everyone provides superior service at unbeatable rates. This is because we hire only the most capable typists and editors and have developed a business model for assuring excellence in our work.

Our History:

TFE was founded as the national group for transcribers in Israel.  Training many of our transcribers through our extensive training course, over the past years we have developed into the premier group of transcribers who’ve recently moved to Israel from countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain.  Israel’s unique position worldwide allows us to produce true native-English speaking transcribers, and still be very competitive on our prices.  We are the world’s ideal outsource transcription solution.

Our goal is to provide quality transcripts for our clients while supporting new citizens in Israel.  Our staff is mainly religious at-home mothers, supporting their families with additional income.  Many are the breadwinners in their families, supporting their families while their husbands learn Torah and Talmud in rabbinical colleges.  We bring dedicated, committed, hard-working, and smart transcribers to the forefront of the market.

Our unique design allows for people looking to get into the field to gain valuable experience, without compromising on the quality of our transcripts.  We are a company of transcribers, run by transcribers, for transcribers.

We train our transcribers how to find their own business as well. About Us: Our goal is to bring as much transcription business to Israel as possible and let it be publicly known that Israel is the best place for transcription services.  Our transcribers are our representatives, and much of our business comes through their efforts, and ongoing commissions are paid to them for establishing those connections.

We are the world’s best transcription company, priding ourselves on our ethics, morality, how we treat our transcribers, and the results pay off to the clients who experience low rates at exceptional service.

Our Staff:

We train our staff in-house with our extensive transcriber’s course and handpick only highly educated, native-English speakers.  Located in Israel, we are privy to many Americans who’ve recently moved.  That means experience without the high costs.  Our staff are dedicated and committed to the quality of our transcripts.  At TFE we value and respect our staff, and in turn, they produce quality transcripts, precisely to the clients’ needs.

A Few of Our Services:

Our Rates:

With our variety of pricing plans, you will find one which is right for you. About Us: We can meet your deadlines and provide overnight rush work at rates that will pleasantly surprise you. When you do not need your transcripts in a hurry, you will cut your business’ costs further. Keep in mind that choosing our services over in-house transcribers saves you tremendously in overhead and management costs. We are able to offer you rates which are significantly lower than our competitors without compromising on quality because of our industry expertise.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

We take advantage of modern technology to increase productivity and cut our costs. Our initial investment in quality equipment including noise-canceling headphones, ergonomic keyboards, and specialized computer software has proved to be worthwhile. Our business model is unique. About us: We have taught our team to become experts on transcripts with multiple speakers, complex formatting guidelines, and how to handle muffled recordings. We have found cost-effective ways to bring you precision each and every time.

Our Mission:

TFE’s mission is to be the premier association for transcribers in Israel that trains native-English speaking immigrants to become professionals in the transcription industry.  We offer our international clients exceptional service at competitive rates and create awareness on a global scale that Israel is the best resource for transcription services.

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